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Seville is located at Bagumbong Road, Caloocan, Metro Manila.

Seville holds a convenient location in terms of almost everything. It stands in Bagumbong Road in Metro Manila, Caloocan. This is a residential setup that is situated in an area that is extremely beautified by natural surroundings. The setup is located in an area that is undisturbed in terms of nature. 

It is spread in a large expanse of eighteen hectares in a location that is a combination of urban as well as suburb living. The Caloocan city is an ideal combination of the metropolis as well as a suburban living. There is another suburb region named Novaliches that is closely attached to Seville. 

If your lifestyle requires regular traveling to cities like Quezon City as well as the city of Manila, then residing at Seville is a very convenient option. You can easily have access to Quezon City as well as Manila via the renowned Commonwealth Avenue. There are a number of commutation modes available for the residents such that they can easily travel to various places of importance.

Education is an important aspect of the lives of all and while investing in a property one looks for reputed educational establishments located in close vicinity. Seville offers the convenience of traveling for just a few minutes in order to reach schools, colleges as well as universities. This provision allows the students to spend the least amount of time while traveling and a lot of time is saved. This saved time can be put to other productive use like various extracurricular activities.

There are various marketplaces and commercial centers located in the close neighborhood of the property. This allows the residents to travel the least in order to reach their working places or fetch the day-to-day essential commodities. Also, having a lot of commercial setups close to the property is expected to make the value of the property hike two to three folds in the future years. 

If shopping is what you head out for every week then Seville offers a lot of closely located shopping malls. These shopping malls can be reached by a quick drive without investing much of your precious time. These shopping malls accommodate various showrooms of top-notch brands where you can settle your shopping craves. There are also a number of eateries, fast food centers, ice cream parlors as well as restaurants where you can relish various delicacies.

There are a lot of nearby located medical centers where the residents of Seville can reach out for any and every medical emergency that might arise. These hospitals, clinics as well as health care centers are located in close vicinity which allows the residents to waste no time at all during any emergencies.

Last, but not the least, Seville is a residential setup that keeps its residents close to all the various necessities of life such that leading life is an eased out and comfortable affair.

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